The best PTE tools that will make studying a breeze

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The PTE Academic exam is one of the more popular English language assessment tests. It’s a great option for budding international students as it’s accepted by the vast majority of universities in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Over in Canada and the US, PTE Academic is not quite as widely accepted, but its popularity is quickly growing.

In our article PTE exam preparation: The last guide you’ll ever need, we took you on a comprehensive walk through everything you should know in order to perform as well as possible.

In this article though, we go into some more helpful detail on how to get the best of your study period for the PTE, by detailing some of the best PTE practice tools, PTE study resources, and online PTE preparation platforms.

Let’s get started!

The best PTE study and practice tools

  1. The PTE Academic Taster
  2. A reliable study guide book
  3. Scored practice tests (PTE mock exams)
  4. The PTE success platform
  5. The PTE official practice app
  6. Free PTE online courses

1. The PTE Academic Taster

Before you even start preparing for the PTE, one of the first things we’d recommend is to make use of the PTE Academic Taster — one of the very best PTE tools for getting a feel of how the exam works.

The PTE Taster only includes 5 sample questions, each with the different style of question you encounter in the real exam, so you can complete it in a matter of minutes. On top of this, you get feedback to find out if you got them right!

2. A reliable study guide book

Once you’ve got a feel for how the exam looks and feels, a super low tech PTE tool is a good old fashioned study guide book.

The right book will take you through the format of the exam, give you plenty of chances to practice questions, and of course give loads of advice on techniques and strategies to pass.

There are a lot of good PTE books to choose from, and luckily for you, we’ve already got a detailed article on the top 6 books for PTE to score high. Check it out when you’re done here!

3. Scored practice tests (PTE mock exams)

In every single one of our helpful study guides, we always recommend completing plenty of practice tests, or mock exams, to give you a full experience of test day itself. But there’s no point just doing a PTE practice test without any idea of how you’ve scored, so head online to complete a scored PTE practice paper!

A quick Google search will bring up some great PTE mock tests, while Pearson themselves offer scored practice tests on their website. However one of our favourites is on the PTE Success online platform.

“What’s that?” You say? Let’s find out…

4. The PTE success platform

The PTE success platform is, in a word… amazing. Create an account, log in, and get access to an incredible range of PTE study resources and practice tools.

On the online platform, there are scored practice tests, study materials, AI speech analysis for the speaking section, as well as well over 2,500 practice questions!

It’s not a free platform, but the pricing options are very affordable. On top of this there are plenty of free resources, including a free PTE mock exam when you make an account!

If you’re not sold on the PTE Success platform though, PTE Master is also a great option for online preparation.

5. The official PTE practice app

Developed by the test creators Pearson themselves, the official PTE practice app is a great piece of PTE practice software that you can keep right on your phone.

It’s free to download and the user interface is smooth and easy to follow. So what’s inside the app? Interactive questions, great study resources and ‘how to’ guides, and great information on the 20 different types of PTE question.

On top of this, one of the most useful features is the personalised study planner, which lets you track your progress and sends you helpful study tips every day.

6. Free PTE online courses

If you really want to go all out in preparing for your PTE exam, why not consider joining a PTE online course?

There are thousands out there, so do make sure and check the reviews (and the prices)!

One of the most highly recommended and well-reviewed PTE coaching options is offered by PTE Tutorials. It’s affordable, which is the first bit of good news. On top of this, it’s effective!

They offer an 8 week course, with weekly online group classes. The classes are led by PTE experts, and of course there’s loads of time for going through practice questions, strategies and best of all, instant feedback from a human being!

If you can’t make it to class, that’s fine — just watch the recording in your own time.

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